Grab a Bite this Summer with Hog Roast St. Clement Danes

Hog Roast St. Clement DanesThe summer weather just brings out the best in all of us. It is underappreciated just how much a sunny day and some good company can improve your mood, so with that in mind why not consider putting together a small event amongst friends and family this summer and grabbing a bite from your brilliant summer caterers at Hog Roast St. Clement Danes.

At Hog Roast St. Clement Danes we love the summer just as much as anyone else. The weather affords us far more opportunities to work outdoors with our excellent outdoor catering for events, and you cannot get a much better “office” than the beautiful and decorated outdoor grounds of an event venue with the sun shining and the temperature feeling nice and warm. Add in some delicious canapes, a gourmet barbecue, or even our signature hog roast to that mix, and you have one of the best summer days that one can ask for.

Hog Roast St. Clement Danes has everything you need to enjoy your summer events this year. You cannot beat a classic barbecue in the British summer, and our gourmet twist on all your classic British favourites makes everything just that touch better. Handmade burgers, sausages, juicy kebabs and skewers, fresh veg and colourful salads, the most exquisite pulled pork made from an authentically spit roasted whole pig – it just does not get better than this in the barbecue game. Or you can grab your taste of the Mediterranean with us instead. You don’t have to be a jet setter to enjoy the fine cheeses and meats of Italy this summer. Instead, grab them with your Hog Roast team as our lovingly recreation of the Italian’s “al fresco” style of dining gives you all you need to feel like you’re out on the sun-soaked cliffs of the old country. If American summer is more your thing then our southern slow roast menu will gift you that all American cookout famed in the southern states. It’s a smoky and spiced delight guaranteed to heat up your summer, right here in St. Clement Danes!

It’s summer, the sun is out, so come grab a bite for your event with Hog Roast St. Clement Danes today!