Winding Down On A Busy Christmas Month At Hog Roast Littleton

December is an extremely busy time of year here at Hog Roast Littleton. Just as it is in the retail industry, the festive rush is massive in the catering industry as just about everyone, between businesses and private clients, is looking for some sort of Christmas catering. At Hog Roast Littleton we know that our services in particular are much sought after as our speciality already comes in stylish roast dining, so for the roast dinner of the year many come looking to us specifically.

Our Hog Roast Littleton teams never complain about the hecticness of the season, however. Each member of staff is excited for the rush and takes it as a privilege that so many enjoy our work enough to bring it in for one of the most important events of the year.

Hog Roast LittletonThis December has been an especially busy one and our teams have all taken it in stride. Now we have finally come to the end of the month and are close to winding down briefly for Christmas before starting back up again for New Year and January events. Our Hog Roast Littleton team were lucky enough to finally be able to get a moment to relax in the month and enjoy our very own staff Christmas get together as we came out to a local restaurant for a delicious meal. After all the hard work, it was nice to be able to drop the aprons and chef hats in favour of our own sparkly and glamourous party clothing, and be served by someone else for once without having to worry about anything going on in the kitchen or with service. The team certainly earned their Christmas dinner this year and enjoyed more than a few drinks together!

We’re all looking forward to a few days off now to enjoy some time with family and friends before getting back to it for your 2024 events. If you have been with us at all this Christmas then we would just like to offer you a final thanks and a hearty Merry Christmas. We loved serving you all in 2023 and can’t wait to get back to new events again in the new year!