Hog Roast Greenford Had An Amazing Time At An Engagement Party!

Hog Roast GreenfordHog Roast Greenford recently catered for an exciting engagement party, where we served a highly customised version of our Gourmet BBQ menu to a group of 75 guests, who had come together to celebrate the impending nuptials of Sara and Evan.

Those who attended were treated to a delicious array of savoury and succulent meats, all grilled to perfection and served with a variety of sides, bread rolls and sauces.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Hog Roast Greenford’s homemade British 100% beef burger patties, which were irresistibly juicy and served on gluten-free cobs with melting cheese, lettuce and a slice of fresh tomato. The rest of the menu consisted of our tasty chicken kebabs, meaty marinated spareribs, gourmet sausages, veggie sliders and meat-free sausages. Coleslaw, pasta salad and freshly made fries were also on the menu, offering guests the chance to customise their plates with unique flavour combinations.

Hog Roast GreenfordIn addition to the BBQ spread, the menu also featured sweet and savoury grazing tables. For the former, Hog Roast Greenford had arranged a gorgeous display of freshly cut fruits, sweets and cakes, while the latter featured nuts, crisps, cold-cut meats and artisan breads. The guests loved the impressive spreads and happily picked away at them throughout the evening.

The guests were clearly impressed with the quality of the main course as well, as many commented on how much they enjoyed the grilled meats and flavourful side dishes and others helped themselves to seconds. They were also over the moon with our dessert options, which offered them the choice between our handmade cheesecakes or profiteroles with fresh cream and ripe berries.

We’re thrilled to say that Hog Roast Greenford’s BBQ spread was a huge hit at this engagement party, and it’s not hard to see why. Our catering manager, Darren, worked his socks off to produce an epic spread of expertly cooked meats and a range of delicious sides, which were presented beautifully. Not only that, but the personable attitude of our team made each guest feel taken care of and valued at this event, which further added to the experience.